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microsoft windows, also used to describe any other microsoft product.
microsoft shits in a box and people buy it.
by sia October 05, 2005
An adjective used by Jim Lahey from the show Trailer Park Boys to describe the trouble that is expected to foil the boys plans.
1)Jim: A shit storm's a brewing, Randy, a shit storm's a brewing.
2)Jim: Bubbles, there's gonna be a shit blizzard.
by benormous April 23, 2006
South Harmon Institute of Technology
In the movie Accepted,the fake college was called shit
by Samkid December 23, 2006
1. a word used to describe the face of an ugly person
2. a small animal--of various shapes and sizes--that is formed in the rectum and born in a toilet bowl
3. good stuff
4. soul food
1. "hey man lemme have a sniff...*whiff* ahh...that the shit dog!"

2.person1:hey you see that guy
person2:which guy, G?
person1:that one!!
person2:WHICH guy motha fucka
person1:The one whose face looks like shit
person2:Ohhhh. Yeah. Yeah I see him, what about him dog?
person1:lets go jump his ass
person2: lets go jump his face
person1: hahahahaha. Aight.

3.person1: hey man move out ma way
person2: I aint in yo way sun
person1: lemme say it again, move out ma way
person2: Hey yo wha the fuck wit da attitude bitch, what? WHAT?*gettinin face* WHAT THE FUCK YOU GON' DO MAN???
person1: *click of magnum*
person2:YOA!!holy SHIT Dog! I-I-I was just playin... you listenin?? I was just...Shit!!!!....*BOOM*

4. kid: Hey mommy can we eat out tonight?
mother:go and ask your father
kid: daddy can we eat out tonight?
dad: go and ask you mother
kid: mom, can we eat out tonight?
mom: Look, kid, i said ask your damn father.
kid: dad, can we eat out tonight?
dad: I already told you son!!! Go and ask that slutty bitch in the kitchen.
kid: mom, dad said i should go and ask you, bitch.
mom: what did you say you little SHIT!?!?!
kid: i said can we eat out tonight?
mom: *pulls out meat cleaver*
kid: shit mommy, SHIT.
mom: wha the fuck you say now, bitch
kid: SHIT!!!!! put that away mommy, your scaring me
dad: is she exposing herself again?? GOD DAMMIT!!! *enters kitchen*
SHIT. SHITTIDY SHITS SHAT SHIT ON ME!!! What have you done woman???
by Dr.dru January 03, 2008
1. (n.) Any pointless or unidentified material.
2. (n.) Poop (n.) The act of pooping (v.) To poop.
3. ~load: A hell of a lot
1. What is this shit?
2. I will go shit.
3. Damn, that's a shitload of guns!
by Matt May 05, 2003
Dseeamn I was eatin these fuckin wings man, and them shits were so good! Steve thinks his shit don't stink.
by steve's mom March 14, 2003
AOL Explorer, Walmart Connect, and various other web browsers that are exactly the same.

Also, for AOL and WM Connect, see crap, worthless, doesn't work, too many insults to describe it.
Poo man: I'll be right back, got to take a AOL-style shit.
by Yep Nope September 12, 2005