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to mess things up or mess up a situation
"she'll only gum it for us"
by ja_me_kah June 13, 2007
when two guys are playing around too much like hitting or wrestling each other in an embarrassing manner, but they aren't homosexual.
"let 'em fight, they're just havin' some manfun."
by ja_me_kah June 13, 2007
having the munchies; being very hungry and in need of something to snack on; ravenously and wildly getting something to eat.

It originates from the Saturday Night Live digital short "Lazy Sunday"
"man, i'm having a snack-attack! i could eat an whole elephant."
by ja_me_kah June 13, 2007
to wield a weapon or to have a weapon on you

origin: the teen murder-mystery movie Brick starring Joseph Gordon-Levitt.
An example of this is when Brenden (Joseph Gordon-Levitt) in Brick is attacked by a pothead with a knife.

He says, "He shines a blade."
by ja_me_kah June 13, 2007
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