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A shildo is when you take a shit and you freeze it and then shape it into a dildo, creating a shit dildo, "shildo".
That is a huge shildo.
by matthew wengler July 03, 2004
A shildo, much like an alaskan pipeline, is a shit dildo. But it is not frozen. The shildo is nice and warm and can fall apart in your hands.
Ohhh shove your shildo in my mouth.

I'm done with this shildo, throw it in a hot dog bun and let's make some texas dump dogs.
by Billy LangHenry March 06, 2009
when you shit into a condom and use it as a dildo
using a shildo in your ass is REALLY taking a dump.
by Natasha March 16, 2005
A "shit" frozen and then used as a dildo.
Jade: "I cant afford these really expensive dildo's!"
Molly: "Just use a shildo!"
Jade: "I dont have one, Could I borrow yours?"
Molly: "Yeah sure!"
by MTP-Warrior. September 30, 2015
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