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38 definitions by Natasha

Austrian gay journalist portrayed by comedian Sacha Baron Cohen (see Ali G, Borat). Hosts a fashion show and travels to such glamorous places as Arkansas and Alabama, cheerleading in American football games and making fun of fashion designers, hairstylists, et al. Appears on "Da Ali G Show".
Bruno recently visited a gun show in Arkansas where he asked why shooting is so popular among gay men.
by Natasha August 21, 2004
donia, a gorgeous creature, not of this earth, but a seductive faery. She lives to tease, yet can capture u with just a look of her eyes. she can be happi and freindly, and angry and dangerous. aka.... dangerous beauty.... she can also be an angel
"I have to so fuck her one of these days"

"Am i still drooling?"

"Chris's angel"
by natasha March 29, 2005
Someone who compulsively steals ladies panties
Basil Leaf Bloomfield.
by Natasha September 01, 2004
a word for the 'nether regions' of a woman.
George didn't half rag me about last night, my tuppy is killing.
by Natasha November 22, 2003
Semen, jizz, spunk
George shot his load all over me last night, there was nut custard everywhere.
by Natasha November 29, 2003
Nickname of Australian superstar swimmer Ian Thorpe, the most decorated Australian athlete at the Olympics with 5 gold medals. Spelling derived from last name and definition from both his incredible speed in the pool and his trademark black bodysuit which he wears to all his competitions.
Even with the help of the Thorpedo, the Austrailian relay swim team could not defeat the US team.
by Natasha August 21, 2004
a synonym for sex, often used by prudes when forced to talk about the subject.
well, i think he's just tense... all he needs is some... you know, some punana
by natasha June 01, 2004