a famous canadian ponzi scheme in which one will go out for dinner/drinks/charity donations/pools, etc and never bring his wallet and thus Shih-ed.
Bartender: "drink sir?"

Patron: "yes, round of beers & shots"

Bartender: that will be $30

Patron to his colleague: can you get this, I left my wallet in my room. I will get you next time.

you got shih-ed
by Canadian-free-beers June 21, 2010
Top Definition
shih,what a gangsta will say to you instead of shit when he has a chipped or missing tooth from a fight in the hood, warning: may be heard every 3 to 5 words!
gansta 1: shih dog dat was tight
gansta 2:shih yeah twas aight!!
by shane February 06, 2005
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