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shit + sex + text = shext
shext example:

i will shit on you and let you lick my balls. better than wrinkly old tittays
by lethal laura December 10, 2009

The act of sending a text message while having a bowel movement.
I'm shexting you right now.

Shext me later.

Shext! You're it.
by RedRooster March 23, 2007
To send a picture, via text, of a life changing or impressive poo.
I just dropped a life changing crap. I feel like a great weight has been lifted and I can see clearly. I'll Shext you a pic.
by TOcThis January 03, 2013
Shexting is the act of Texting your friend while your taking a shit to humiliate him!

The normal response to this would be for your friend to shext back at a later time, thus causing a shext war.

This was actually invented by my friend and I, and I have never heard of it before this.

I hope it spreads from urban dictionary
TEXT message examples:
2. YOU just got shexted!!! Suck it!!

Conversation examples:
1. Omg i got shexted again today :(
by CrYoGeNiCk August 06, 2009
To text someone while your having a Shit.
Adam was sending dirty shexts to his missus while sitting on the toilet having a Shit.
by shext May 29, 2014

- to Shower text.
- to text while in the shower.
- to simultaneously text and take a shower.
I am about to take a shower. U want me to shext u?
by Doc2013 June 25, 2010