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That dude from American Idol with the bad teeth that got them fixed and should have won instead of the old guy a few seasons ago.
Man, that Sherp can sing his ass off, and that chick better get naked after he beats her.
by chrisrisky January 14, 2009
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to carry or take away something for someone else. can also be used if someone took something and you don't know where it is. the verb version of sherpa, which is a person who carries things for you.
Yo can you sherp this for me?
She sherped my jawn!
That bitch sherped my shit and now I can't find it.
by verbie April 25, 2011
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Sup & Derp

Sidebar: its fucking#bossswag
SHerp Dude

Sherp Man

by DerpDave March 16, 2012
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slang for sherpa or sherpani
I wish I had a sherp to lug all my bags for me!

by leighvand April 19, 2010
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A combination between the words sure yea and yup
Kelly: Stick Your Bird In It !!!
Josh: Sherp
by Josh Kohl August 29, 2007
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