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to carry or take away something for someone else. can also be used if someone took something and you don't know where it is. the verb version of sherpa, which is a person who carries things for you.
Yo can you sherp this for me?
She sherped my jawn!
That bitch sherped my shit and now I can't find it.
by verbie April 25, 2011
Sup & Derp

Sidebar: its fucking#bossswag
SHerp Dude

Sherp Man

by DerpDave March 16, 2012
slang for sherpa or sherpani
I wish I had a sherp to lug all my bags for me!

by leighvand April 19, 2010
That dude from American Idol with the bad teeth that got them fixed and should have won instead of the old guy a few seasons ago.
Man, that Sherp can sing his ass off, and that chick better get naked after he beats her.
by chrisrisky January 14, 2009
A combination between the words sure yea and yup
Kelly: Stick Your Bird In It !!!
Josh: Sherp
by Josh Kohl August 29, 2007
An entertaining being exceeding a height of 7 Feet Tall, and is commonly found teaching a business classroom talking about his wife, kids, and times when he used to work for Superior.
I have two classes with Sherp this year to help my GPA
by Brock Stoker January 31, 2016
South African slang: a newly discovered species of sheeplike animals, with only one known breed referred to casually as the Pupsheegon. Most commonly found in unknown locations, it is believed that the species is a genetic mutation collectively from the dragon, sheep and puppy dog genus.
The sherp confused Paris Hilton, for it was unlike any lapdog she had ever seen.
by jnkmstrt October 01, 2014
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