Refers to the human anus or "arse hole".

Originates from the pattern of the anal sphincter, similar to the definition of chocolate starfish.
"Where is it painful?"

"Around my Sheriffs badge!"
by Plebism June 25, 2006
Top Definition
The light brown (or pink) female sphincter (anus)
"I was going down on Melissa and she went wild when I started tongueing her sheriff's badge"
by Leroy and Skillet May 28, 2008
I drew a sheriff's badge in my pants.

An image created by one's bottom burp that, despite being utterly random, accurately depicts the image of a County Sheriff's badge.
Wow man, the morning after that Vindaloo, I was heading to the loo for a Vindapoo, but didn't make it. I ended by drawing a sheriff's badge in my pants.
by n1b5 August 03, 2016
When a woman puts a man in spread-eagled (five-point) suspension bondage and titty-fucks him.
Brendon wasn't really into that girl, but then she gave him a sheriff's badge, and he fell in love!
by Allmeasshole October 18, 2008
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