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The stabbing of one's shit by another man's erect genitalia via the exit pipe
Ste: "Chris can I poke your bum hole?"
Chris:"But you might stab some of my shit!"
Ste: "You didn't mind last time"
Chris:"I did - it got a bit messy"
Ste: "Shit sorry I thought you were asleep."
by Ste April 06, 2003
Encrusted anal entrance
by Ste April 06, 2003
the best team in the world and the future premiership champions
wolves 1-0 manchester united
by Ste March 30, 2005
greeting in the north east of england usually between males
passes mate in street
by ste January 06, 2005
fine tasting drug smoked as a blunt.
Dude pass the f***in' Blunt!
by Ste March 01, 2005
a word which gives an object liquid qualities
"ohm ohm liquidy chicken goodness"
by Ste September 14, 2003
An undesirable person, usually because of a fowl odour.
What the fuck are you doing? You fucking payt!
by Ste March 31, 2004

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