to take a dump ...derived from Mork and Mindy who said "Shuzbut" insted of an expletive shit
Jesus I need a sherbert the turtle just wiped the sweat off his forehead in my underpants
by stenzil January 17, 2009
Rhyming slang for a taxi. Sherbert Dab = Cab.
Fuck the bus, let's get a sherbert.
by Eds August 01, 2003
taxi. ie srerbert dab cab
can i have a sherbert
sherbert dab cab
any chance of a sherbert
how long is me sherbert gonna be
by jonesycab September 25, 2006
A mildly insulting term used in a similar fashion to "silly bint"

Plural: Sherberts

see also monk and jew
You smegging sherbert

I don't have time for sherberts like you.

Look at that guy wearing a lampshade! What a sherbert.
by Asphyxia February 18, 2004
Sherbert is for kids who can't afford heroin!!!
Jimmie: o crapsticks i run outta dough lets go and buy sum sherbert instead!
Bob:Fuck u dawg!!!
by ..:::RuBiEs..GlOoM:::.. December 23, 2005
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