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A leet variation of sense
"He speaketh teh shens"
by ríomhaire January 02, 2006
4 124
Short for shenanigans, meaning "bullshit". particularly popular on certain internet forums.
post: hey this is my girlfriend img of girl

reply: shens
by BBnet3000 December 13, 2003
263 30
a fat chinese kid that rolls to his classes
"holy crap, shen is fat"
by me April 12, 2005
269 138
Invented by the good folks at

Root word: Shenanagens.
noob:DUDE! Theres a girl sleeping in my bed!

Me: I call shens!
by Andrew April 13, 2004
157 74
an exhilirating remark most often used to describe a stinky chinese man (sometimes woman) commonly used in the north west america.
oh man, it's shen! / oh dear... it's shen! / oh my lord, it's shen!
by dope April 19, 2005
151 91
He's Asian, but not fat at all. He doesn't roll to class, but instead rolls with the cool kids. He's really insightful, a great friend, and gets a kick out of debating. He doesn't know how to barbecue.
Shen comes from Texas but doesn't know how to barbecue.
by frenchfryfrog52 September 09, 2011
58 32
Shenennagans...something that is hard to believe.
I don't believe that you really borked my grandmother. It's shens for sure. Pure shens.
by Ian0r June 10, 2003
58 37
General shenanigans; the result of shenanigans and other shenanigan-like activites
Charlie: I heard your mom found out about the teepeeing

Mikey: Yeah she was not ecstatic about those shens
by Adventure Lad September 06, 2009
9 4