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Area between your legs, whether male or female. Contains either the vagina or a penis and/or two (2) testicles. In certain cases (Ie, Rosie O'Donnel) may be found in combinations there-of.
"I like touching my groin in public"
by ClarenceT September 27, 2003
When one feels a sudden onset of the need to take a shit - when you know the escape of feces is eminent. (Such as after eating poorly prepared food at say, a Denny's Restraunt)
"Oh fuck... let's go, i gotta get home - i just had a Denny's Moment.."
by ClarenceT September 27, 2003
What homosexuals use in leu of the full term "Shenanigans", popularized by the movie Super Troopers.
"I swear im gonna pistol whip the next person that says 'Shananigans' "
by ClarenceT September 27, 2003
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