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scared , so scared you cant talk , real paranoid and gittery
that fool was so shell shocked he couldnt move
by splankinberry August 11, 2003
An individual that may be traumatized by a war, commonly the world wars but perhaps the cold or Vietnamese war, the effects are kinda like Parkinson's disease but much more powerful, the person struggles to move but can, and cannot sit still, the person will often struggle to sleep because they are so traumitized.
My Great grandfather survived the war, but he came home shellshocked
by Folix August 05, 2016
The act of Tea Bagging being performed by a female, especially in First Person Shooter Video Games.
Gamer 1: That guy just killed me and is now Tea Bagging me.

Gamer 2: That's not a guy, its a chick.

Gamer 1: Damn, I've just been Shell Shocked
by GreasemanLangley January 27, 2010
Blurry vision and loss of awareness caused by a large nearby explosion.
Usually in war movies where someone is knocked down by an explosion and can't hear anyone and has shaky vision, AKA shell shocked
by A_Smart_@$$ April 01, 2009
The term used to describe when somebody hits you with a blue shell right as you are about to win a race in Mario Kart.
I was about to win on Rainbow Road, but then I got shell shocked and got in 5th!

Wow, that sucks man.
by cjnwhinshvgknbgdkjf March 18, 2016
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