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-A way to describe the most indescribable girl in the world. a girl to count te starts with, who isn't like other girls.

she's amazing and there's no other way to describe it. you cant tell what it is, but it's deffinatly there(:

shes insanely pretty and an amazing kisser, with a beautiful smile. she's so chill and perfect.
This chick is amazing, like i dont know what it is, i just,, shes,, ill just call her shella
by mschneids April 17, 2010
Very, a lot. Much. derived from the word hella
Day your party was shella tite.
That girl looks shella fine.
I shella don't like you.
I shella want to see that movie.
by muki July 25, 2006
inteligent,super sexy asain. Different girl who doesnt give a shit what preppy people think. caring and nice a loyal friend
Look at shella, she's so asain!
by bloodsucker January 02, 2009
A cool person,open minded,mature,and not materialistic.She is strong and very honest.The master of desguise and all activities.Intelligent and perfect
I wish I could be a Shella!
by bedabest April 20, 2013