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A form of geez or jeez (depending on who you are...) Used to exclaim frustration, annoyance, or disappointment.
What's taking so fricken long? Sheez!

Leave me alone, sheez!

Sheez, I didn't think it'd be that bad...
by Snappz00r September 04, 2004
sure, sho'
Fo sheez deez dribble when I get STDs.
by Nick D February 23, 2003
Sheez is a replacement for the word shit.
A family's dinner. The father accidentally lets a plate fall down.
Father: Oh sh... sheez!
by KsbjA January 02, 2008
Shitting yourself while you sneeze.
Would you kindly pass me a tissue and a new pair of trousers, I seem to have sheezed myself
by RandomRedditor2 September 21, 2011
meaning for sure... except its chillin
yo dog ill be at that hoe fest for sheezy! my NeeZY!
by JeReMy Aka. BeAr November 27, 2003
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