Another word for booty.
o shit ima skeet on that sheet!
by Faizan May 22, 2007
a word meaning shit which ALL people who can't speak english that well say
mexican:sheet tha glingos are coming!
italian:ah sheet, my spagaty
arab:dees will never work, dees bomb is sheet
french:errr may ah have de sheet?
by ][D ][ ][\/][ ][D ][ ][\][ January 30, 2004
A termed used to refer to a quantity of blotter paper. Typically 100 hits of LSD.
I made sure to bring my sheet of acid to the Phish show so I could sell it to the hippies.
by Bo Cephus January 28, 2003
How people from ATL say shit.
Awwwwwwww sheet, y'all done fucked up and let me into this bitch.
by Jawn March 31, 2005
instead of cussing, sheet is used in place of shit. Not used by gay/Asian people necessarily, used by people who perfer to get past censors or don't like plain out cussing.
Sheet, I lost the money again.
by pseudomon October 20, 2004
Sheet (v) - to tweet while using the restroom, (n) a text written while the author is on the pot.
Thank goodness Ricky only sent me a sheet and not a shumblr.
by Dave Perlins February 25, 2013
Can be used to describe denominations of 1,000. Often used by gamblers to disguise their actual dollar amount that they are betting on.
"I dropped a sheet in Vegas gambling on basketball!"
by WeatherMess October 17, 2009

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