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5 definitions by pseudomon

instead of cussing, sheet is used in place of shit. Not used by gay/Asian people necessarily, used by people who perfer to get past censors or don't like plain out cussing.
Sheet, I lost the money again.
by pseudomon October 20, 2004
Word Within a Word (WWAW)
A from of torture in junior/sr high, involves defining and understnading the roots of words
WWAW is time consuming, utterley useless, and just plain dumb.
by pseudomon November 01, 2004
a rather short weapon, longer than a dagger, but shorter than a longsword. It has terrible aim, but it is extremely quick and effective. See steven.
Runescape is gay (NOT) but tis weapons, like the Scimitar, are awesome!
by pseudomon October 20, 2004
a long, average weapon which contains a menacing sharp, curved blade at its top. So long you can kill things in cages w/impunity, when a halbard is mentioned it is usually in refrence to Runescape.
omfg i got a halbard now i can kill everyone
by pseudomon October 23, 2004
brand of condom- it is known to break under pressure
My trojen broke the other day- dammit
by pseudomon October 13, 2004