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A meme created by 4chan, NOT MYSPACE, that many forums and discussion boards have adopted.
Caturday is a fun day because cats with text below them make me laugh.
by SweetMetalForever October 24, 2006
Though the origins are fuzzy, Caturday was spawned on one of the many *Chan image boards by the user Anonymous. On every Saturday, you post cats for lulz.
Post some fucking cats! It's Caturday!
by Anon McAnonymous October 22, 2007
A glorious holiday in which the feline race is celebrated.
"Mom, how come there's a mother's day and a father's day, but no caturday?"

"Every day is Caturday."
by Meeshee Batog April 25, 2008
The greatest holiday on the internets. A day to celebrate the greatness that is Felis Domesticus, or the common house-cat.

Despite popular thinking, LOLCats RIPPED OFF the meme from /b/. Not to say that it wasn't a stupid thing to begin with, but still...
You know what day it is? Do you?

It's Caturday, bitches.

So get off of your assess...

...and post some fucking cats.
by sir_lancelot_the_brave July 10, 2008
The best day of the week. Cats will fall from the sky and you'll receive a thousand sandpaper kisses.
Thank God it's Caturday!
by thecatsmooches October 02, 2008
In contrast to the saturday cats posts on 4Chan, Caturday can also be used to describe any day off. Weekends, Holidays, or simply skipping work usually take place on Caturday.

Implies to be lazy like a cat.
"Dude, why the hell were you not at school?"
"Dude, it's Caturday!"
by mrthunderdust February 22, 2008
The third Saturday of every month (because the letter "c" is the third letter of the alphabet) when the world and all its inhabitants celebrate all things LOLCAT.
Monocat never fails on caturday!
by psycho_ash June 03, 2008
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