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a character in the film "dont be a menace to south central while sipping your juice in tha hood". amazing and funny film with the wayne brothers in. must see!!!!
tray: yo loc dogg im goin down 2 fourtys n nines 2 get me sum 99c liquor biatch.
loc dogg: wa u say 2 meh mother fucker im one shoot u motha fucker in tha eyeball. dodgyness
by SpRoOf July 24, 2006
Originates from walez, tha best place in tha world.
Ignorant gay englishman:look at that goat...
Safe welshman:its a sheep motha fuker
(Sheep turns into a giant bear fing with dodgy eyes) Eats tha welshman. Baa!!!.......
neva look at a sheep the same agen. oooooo
by SpRoOf July 04, 2006
wher u take a shit on a gurls chest then piss on that shit
dang, i wen ova tha german gurls house , she wuz lyke 'me wan acid rain' then she took a dump. i wuz all confused biatch
by SpRoOf July 02, 2006
Where mi nan lives. I always wondered y mi5 or wa turnud up in tha middle of tha nite n took her away. :s mi mum sed tha she had bird flu. n i belived her. im soo gullable. How come mi nan can lick her ear??
Y wuz mi nan taken 2 area 51. i need ansaz!!!!!! nooooooooooo naaaaaaaaannnnnnnnnn! :(
by SpRoOf July 04, 2006

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