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<p1> look at them go o_0
<p2> fuck she has big bewbz
by eLias April 27, 2003
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A Jewish female's breasts.

Jew + Boobz = Bewbz
That big-nosed bitch has some nice bewbz!
by LoveDemTitz July 31, 2012
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Tall ass cracker with tiny balls. Constantly sings Miley Cyrus and "my wettest friend", farts, loves fireworks, and has gay anal train sessions with his dogs. Enjoys anal beads. Also, has THE nicest (braided) asssssss (hairs)!
(first person) oh look at that guy who's got a YouTube video of him pleasuring himself with anal beads.
(second person) oh that guys a total bewbz.

(first person) I was so lonely last night I decided to bewbz.

(second person) we are no longer friends.
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