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a sexy ass white guy who exudes black guy swag and is down with black girls
Is Dan a sheep? Yea he got with Shaniqa last night
by pimpluscious February 17, 2013
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A large animal that, despite encyclopedia definitions, is secretly controlling the world's governments. Highly intelligent, beware, has telekineses. Welsh and Scottish people fear sheep.
Ahh! I'm being chased by a sheep! *zap*....
by meeshopork September 17, 2003
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What Welsh people do for fun. Protecting them and caring for them, I mean.
Oi, yew, boyo! Get orf me moontain an' stop pesterin' me sheep!
by PetesWayUK August 10, 2003
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Population of New Zealand.
3 sheep to every 1 person.

If there was a hoof to hand war, sheep would win.
by anonymous January 15, 2005
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a person with an out-of-control curly afro.
if you hear us screaming sheep at you,
trim your hair up a bit. i'll buy you anti-frizz for your birthday, too.
by kelli with an i October 07, 2004
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When the average citizen buys into all of the crap that is being shoved down their throats by the media and the politicians
"I think the current economy is on a good path" "that's because you are in the flock of sheep that buys into the lies"

"My fellow sheep, er, I mean Americans..we are going to create jobs and give free medical care and a free car to every family when I become president"
by psibri January 10, 2011
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Like sheep, who flock togehter, gay men come in flocks. Sometimes, there's even a leader sheep. He's the head of the sheep, the ram if you will and leads them around while the rest of the sheep follow mindlessly.
"Oh my God he's such a sheep!"
by Ammithyst September 16, 2008
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Slang for someone with the last name Sheppard. Including people who spend inordinate amounts of time on mundane tasks: taxes, laundry, writing in their planner ect...
Dude really pulled a sheep last night.
by Harsh_Kumar February 23, 2008
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