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10 definitions by mistweb

Slap 'n' tickle; Bit of the other; casual sexual relations; Origin in World War II, English soldiers in France expected that an old French lady with grey hair, whom their father had bonked during the First World War might come up to them and ask this.
"Took her round the bike shed for a bit of how's-your-father";

"I don't want you two getting up to any how's-your-father while we're out!"
by mistweb October 13, 2003
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Binary digIT - the least amount of information there is, i.e. yes or no, true or false, on or off. Eight bits make a byte
What is the bit-rate of that modem? How many bits per second does it handle?
by mistweb October 13, 2003
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bits per second; rate of information transfer, hence 'baud-rate'; see Information theory; also kilo-baud (kb)- thousands of baud, mega-baud (Mb) - millions of baud.
A 56 kb modem can send data at 56,000 bits per second down the wire.
by mistweb October 13, 2003
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The width, in Hertz, of the pass-band of any equipment that can process information. Most computer data transfer works at base-band (unlike radio transmitters, which usually operate on some higher wave band) so the bandwidth is usually equal to its baud rate.
Our network has a 10 MHz bandwidth, so it can pass an absolute maximum of ten million bits per second, i.e. it works only up to 10 Mb (ten mega baud)
by mistweb October 13, 2003
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If we're not taling computers, then it's got a small k and means a thousand of whatever follows, eg 1 km = 1000 m, 1 kg = 1000 g etc.

If we are talking about computers or other binary systems, then it refers to 1024 times, and it gets a capital K, e.g 1 Kb = 1024 b, 4KB = 4096 B etc.

Honest, confusing but true.
by mistweb October 13, 2003
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OK to shoot. Comes from animal hunting - yuk.
Microsoft are such a bunch of wankers that their servers are fair game for hackers and virus writers
by mistweb October 13, 2003
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Bull shit, see Malarkey
by mistweb October 13, 2003
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