a chick who is also a bro
dude, im not cheating on you, she's just my she-bro
by thomas1234567890 April 07, 2009
A non-intimate female friend who tries to get you laid 80% of the time but cock blocks the other 20%. The shebro has a good heart but is still of the opposite sex so the cock blocking may or may not be intentional depending on the situation. The shebro tends to give you very good insight into the female mind and does want her male friends to get laid but female intuition is always present and accounts for some of the intentional/unintentional cock blocking.
My shebro suggested I get an accent wall to help me get laid but she disapproves of me having more than 2 intimacy pals at once. Why would I need an accent wall if I already have 2 intimacy pals then?
by McCl@rty August 02, 2010
She-bro, one of the female gender who has committed bro-like acts.
She-bro: yo dog i like your new kicks

bro: thanks, she-bro!
by CASSIDEEYUH July 23, 2009

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