the smoothest way to say 'shit' when you're out with the ladies. you gotta say it slow or it isn't going to work for you.
baby walks right up and you say: she...
by Mm December 01, 2003
she as in she
she smeels of sweaty gooch
by bob saget May 01, 2003
A word used to reference a male who is obviously showing signs of being gay. Used when everyone knows that the individual is a male but that the same individual is performing homosexual-like acts or speaking effeminately or simply acting gay. A Nancy boy.
Max: "That guy keeps looking at you and smiling...look, he just waved; is that one of your buyers dude?"
Scott: "Negative dillwad, she is obviously after my scrote. She asked if I wanted to dance in the washroom; I said 'no thanks'; but you might want to check with the guy I'm with; his name is Max!"
Max: "Excellent bonesmoker!!!"
by psiscott April 11, 2006
(1) A word to describe shit.
(2) A multi-meaning word (can mean anything).
"godamn hell yeh, that she was off the hook"
by alex mac May 20, 2003

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