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An amazingly funny, sarcastic girl that's beyond awesome.
Person#1: Whoa do you know that girl? She's totally hilarious. Damn, I wish I was as sarcastic as her.
Person#2: Yeah, she's a real Naya.
Person#1: I wish my best friend was a Naya...
Person#2: Sucks for you then.
by BloodshotScottGpkids#7 July 16, 2010
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Malayalam or Tamil word meaning dog or bitch. Nayande mon means "son of a bitch." Malayalam is a South Indian language.
Yo that naya is annoying.
by Detroit Malu Joe October 23, 2003
Slang: Jamaican for man. Informal discourse used among friends and close associates.
What's happenin', naya?
by Joojoo November 24, 2004

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