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An amazingly funny, sarcastic girl that's beyond awesome.
Person#1: Whoa do you know that girl? She's totally hilarious. Damn, I wish I was as sarcastic as her.
Person#2: Yeah, she's a real Naya.
Person#1: I wish my best friend was a Naya...
Person#2: Sucks for you then.
by BloodshotScottGpkids#7 July 16, 2010
She is a very good kisser ! She is sweet, funny,loving and caring she is the type of girl everyone want to be with. Everyone wants to know who she is. She is one of the most popular girls in school. When you are upset she make sure she make you smile. She don't really let people in her life that quick,she got to get the feel of having you around. She has long pretty hair that people want to play in, when she is mad she try not to take it out on everyone. She put all her trust and loyalty into a friendship or a relationship. But one thing is that she will never give up on something that she really want
Guy1:damn that girl is pretty she look like a naya
Guy2:I know right, I'm gonna try to get with her

Guy1: true ,I mean it don't matter how long it take cause its worth it
by Ñaya July 09, 2016
Malayalam or Tamil word meaning dog or bitch. Nayande mon means "son of a bitch." Malayalam is a South Indian language.
Yo that naya is annoying.
by Detroit Malu Joe October 23, 2003
Slang: Jamaican for man. Informal discourse used among friends and close associates.
What's happenin', naya?
by Joojoo November 24, 2004
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