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A word used when you're typing about someone whose sex you don't know.
Forum Member: Hey, leave matrix92 alone, (s)he's a newbie and probably doesn't know the rules.
by Atomik Spongface July 19, 2008
3 4
The woman every man dreams about she will only love you if you buy whatever sex enhancement product is on the ad.
She wants your penis bigger and it is only nineteen payments of $19.99.
by Rondore lord of hoes January 18, 2011
1 3
A person who is fastest, player, most amazing, EEKING, fast, swim move people, ladies man, has to "EEK!" on floaters.
Peedhsara said to Vanam " How is she so fast?
Vanam said to Peedhsara " You just got to swim move like she.
Peedhsara said to Vanam " EEEK!"
by IV IV April 10, 2009
12 14
1.A word referring to some girl
2.A slang word for cocaine that was used in the song cocaine by Eric clapton
she don't lie she don't lie cocaine
by timmeh' September 30, 2007
6 8
Seductive Human Erotica
"I came with 500
Tryin to keep it all
But she want it
At the ATM to get 4 more
Thats for you and me, now bitch lets go
Hevenly cant descibe this woman
Beyond that, I feel the area bump and grind
Like combat
No penetration
Its funny
She didnt kiss me or fuck me
But got away with all my money

Took everything that I had
Made me want sex hella bad!"
Tech N9ne - S.H.E.
by CoFoltman August 21, 2007
3 9
SHE is a novel written in 1887 by H. Rider Haggard
I have not read She. I must check to see if there is a copy in the local library
by St. Ias September 18, 2005
2 13
the smoothest way to say 'shit' when you're out with the ladies. you gotta say it slow or it isn't going to work for you.
baby walks right up and you say: she...
by Mm December 01, 2003
9 20