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From the movie Shawshank Redemption. Tim Robbins' character, Andy Dufresne, secretly digs a tunnel in his prison cell, and hides the dirt and cement from the wall in his pants legs. To get rid of it without anyone knowing, he takes a stroll out in the yard every day, and with every step shakes a little bit out at a time.

Definition: verb

When you have to fart, the action of walking around an area and dispersing a little bit at a time so no one notices.
Suddenly feeling the urge to fart, I quickly got up from my desk and shawshanked it around the office.
by spiderb92 December 13, 2004
267 108
The act of enduring something which results in continuous consternation and/or pain of which you have no control over once into it. And, the event does not end until the act is completed or until you find a way to tunnel out and/or crawl through a proverbial 500 yard, shit-laden, drain pipe to free yourself of the event. Reference the movie "Shawshank Redemption".
Shit dude! I got busted for a DUI a week ago and had to shawshank it until I was bailed out by my ex-girlfriend.
by Roland819 November 23, 2006
93 60
To graciously accept all the indecencies and indignities that your current situation throws at you with a quiet grace and a pleasant smile; all the while patiently digging your way out of that situation with a spoon. Then one day everyone around looks up and notices that you are suddenly not there anymore, having escaped the bounds of your unpleasant environment and escaped to a better place.
"Fuck I hate this job, but I figure I can Shawshank it for a few years until I can move to Costa Rica"
by bourbonbaby June 10, 2008
65 41
The act of aligning your shit splash with other ambient sounds in the bathroom.
"It was so awkward. I had to Shawshank because my boss was pissing right next to me and I didn't want him to hear how big my shit was."
by Derps McSquirt September 12, 2012
13 4
The act of moving a huge amount of material by moving a very small amount in each of a huge number of deliveries.
Rod spilled his bongwater on the landlord's cat so he used his Yugo to shawshank all his shit over to Heather's crib.
by Empirical42 August 17, 2010
29 21
The slang for cigarettes, used by british teenagers. Most commonly used when discussing strong cigarettes e.g. Lucky Strikes.
Jack Sweet you got the shawshanks?

No Thom i only brought Leaf and Twine!
by JackThomRoman January 12, 2009
6 3
See shank for root definition.
Verb: to lift up your leg or ass cheek and deliver a rousing fart at the exact same time as a loud noise, to avoid being heard, much like the lead character in The Shawshank Redemption hit the pipe with the stone during the storm.
I was at my girlfriend's house watching a movie with her parents, and I really needed to shank one, so I waited until an explosion and shawshanked it perfectly. They never heard a thing so no one knew where the smell came from.
by whodemscotts July 07, 2011
11 10