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To slowly, and discretely, remove something as Tim Robbins removed the dirt and rocks he excavated while digging a tunnel out of his cell in the film Shawshank Redemption..
hey how are you gettin' rid of all those old books you couldn't yard sale?

No worries man, I'm shawshanking them around. left one in the blockbuster the other day. Put it on the shelf in alphabetical order.
by okfuskee June 12, 2010
To slowly chip away at getting to know someone in order to get into a relationship with them, in the way Tim Robbins' character slowly chips away at his prison cell to eventually brreak out of jail in the movie The Shawshank Redemption.
"Ray's a bloody shawshanker! He's been shawshanking my girlfriend for the past three months!
by H. E. Pennypacker August 02, 2007
Shawshanking is the act of reacting with appalled disbelief because someone hasn't seen a movie that it is considered a classic.

Originated with someone having not seen The Shawshank Redemption, but can be applied to any movie.
"I haven't seen Poltergeist."
"You're Shawshanking me!"
by whiplashsmile713 August 23, 2013
The art of mastering a public poo by releasing your poo when the other occupant flushes their toilet.

Much like when Tim Robbins masks the sound of banging the pipes to coincide with the thunder.
Man the lady across the hall always goes to the bathroom the same time I do. I've learned to let my poos out at the same time she flushes so she cannot hear the sounds. I'm shawshanking my poos like a pro!
by ForgingGal September 02, 2014
after sex take a dump on your partners chest then clean them off by making them walk in circles while you hose them down.
mark - "sarah.....why do you smell like shit.. and why are you wet?"
sarah - "oh you smell that too? ya my boyfriend decided to make me do some shaw shanking today. bastard.."
by papertowelsrule August 15, 2011
When you are stuck in a miserable job, working for the devil (aka - the warden) and you slowly start to chip away at your escape while plotting to take the boss down when you leave.
"How do you put up with that bitch on two legs?"

"Don't worry about me...I'm shawshanking."
by cp_709 July 29, 2009

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