The ultimate act of redemption during a game of soccer culminating in a quick return goal after the opponent has scored.
"Time for a shawshank boysss!"
by Young 1 April 16, 2008
The sure-fire way to end an argument with someone. Whether winning or losing, the simple mention of "shawshank" will wrap things up. He may try to respond with "I don't even care about that anymore" but worry not: people know the power of shawshank.
Brian: "Ha! There's TEN grams of Dietary Fiber in my protein shake, not eight! Retard!"


*laughter ensues*
by Go... March 27, 2008
To wriggle through a tube like area full of filth
Stewie said to Brian, "Maybe you should forget about your pride and worry about the creepy crawlies shawshanking their way out your balloon knot."

Family Guy
by Milton Waddams January 23, 2007
Comes from the movie The Shawshank Redemtion, and means to break out or get away with something (out of jail, or just out of trouble)
*1* Get me the hell outta this jail cell!!!! i am so gonna go shawshank if u dont bust me out quick!
*2* You betta shawshank out of this, or he is gonna kick your ass!
by Hops July 04, 2005
A movie, television show or book that has been oversold or over-hyped by a friend or family member to the point where you never want to see or read it ever.
If my mother in-law doesn't stop yaking about that movie she's gonna shawshank it!
by MOOOOM!!! August 16, 2009
To take another man by force sexually in an effort to prove dominance.
Corey disrespected us, lets Shawshank him after school.
by CarrotTop6600 August 06, 2008
A person of Redneck orgin that often enjoys skull raping a female of Asian decendent. Skull raping involves the act of a man poking out the eye ball of his partner with his penis. The man preceds until finished.
After Tao compared Ann's breast to mashed potatoes, Ann left to be consensually Shawshanked by Joe-Bob.
by Garret Steven April 20, 2008
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