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The act of spending countless hours in a hot tub and drinking heavily until all the bitches leave. The more drunk you are, the better you're doing.
I spent the afternoon shauning at the Sandpiper Beacon.
by JSling June 17, 2008
The art of doing many things at one, namely driving fast yet safe and getting to a place in record time.
Man, I was shauning down the high way - rolled like a jet!

He's a jet machine, shauns wherever he goes.
by Shaunned June 07, 2011
walking in a group in front of a single person, to make it awkard.
loner- guys stop shauning me!
group- well get ahead then
by group at BHS January 17, 2011
The act of rubbing your foot in various places on someones body.
Man, shauning with you was amazing
by shaunwick July 10, 2008

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