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When one sharts due to sudden unseen excitement or state of shock.
He came around the corner and shartled me. I have to throw away my underwear now.
by Tim O. June 19, 2007
When you're startled and a little piece of poop comes out.
Damn it, Dick, you shartled me! Now there's a boxer dumpling in my pants.
by Balls McIroncock December 08, 2013
To shart your pants from being startled
I just shartled.
by B. Kiser January 25, 2011
When you startle someone so hard, they shart. May occasionally lead to death or the deletion of minecraft accounts.
"RIP Shartle 2014"
"Dude, I shartled so hard yesterday."
by DefinitionGirl September 20, 2014
When you have to shit in a bag because your to obese to shit in a toilet
Get me a Wallgreens bag, I need to shartle!
by Xtufer December 04, 2013
The substance emitted during the act of sharting
After sharting earlier in the day, the cold and clammy shartle stuck my shorts to my ass.
by YahtzeeMcShartle July 10, 2008
Past tense of shitle, or one who shitles. See shitle.
Rich: Man, you shartle food from everyone!
Nick: I know.
by Jooce August 17, 2005
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