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When one sharts due to sudden unseen excitement or state of shock.
He came around the corner and shartled me. I have to throw away my underwear now.
by Tim O. June 19, 2007
25 5
When you're startled and a little piece of poop comes out.
Damn it, Dick, you shartled me! Now there's a boxer dumpling in my pants.
by Balls McIroncock December 08, 2013
2 0
When you have to shit in a bag because your to obese to shit in a toilet
Get me a Wallgreens bag, I need to shartle!
by Xtufer December 04, 2013
1 1
To shart your pants from being startled
I just shartled.
by B. Kiser January 25, 2011
2 2
The substance emitted during the act of sharting
After sharting earlier in the day, the cold and clammy shartle stuck my shorts to my ass.
by YahtzeeMcShartle July 10, 2008
5 6
Past tense of shitle, or one who shitles. See shitle.
Rich: Man, you shartle food from everyone!
Nick: I know.
by Jooce August 17, 2005
3 7