an unexpected burst of shit while farting
i thought i had to fart. but i accidentally shited thence i "sharted"
by Harry Hardcastle January 26, 2009
Basically, to follow through with either a solid or liquid excretion after a bout an episode of flatulence
Phillip Seymour Hoffman's character in Along Came Polly comes out with the line "Hey Dude, we have to go! I just sharted"
To which he adds "I farted and a little shit came out!"
by Gene Pool August 22, 2006
when you fart so hard that a little piece of shit comes out
oh no, i just sharted all over my undershorts
by paul t. January 27, 2004
When you gambled on a fart and lost, with shit coming out instead of what you thought was gas.
Denise: What's that smell?

Polly: I gambled on a fart and lost.

Denise: Eh?

Polly: You know, I sharted.
by mrausch May 31, 2009
when you try to fart and you shit instead
i was trying to fart but sharted instead
by corey l January 29, 2004
when you shit and fart at the same time
jimmy sat down and thought he farted but he really sharted
by heaven 01 March 15, 2005
accidental pooping when sqeezing a fart out - to shit and fart at the same time.
'aye man - I was waiting on the bus and was dying on a shit- I thought I could squeeze out a sneaky fart - oh man a' pure sharted myself! Stinkin'!
by Tyny September 30, 2008
When you go for a proper loud fart and end up shittin your pants.
1ST PERSON: jeeeeeeeeeeeesssuuussss, listen mate, we need to leave, ive just sharted my self!!!

by NATE DOUG August 11, 2005

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