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3 definitions by your.so.extra

combo of remember and memorize. Sometimes if you're being shitty and drunk you will mash these words together on accident.... cuz your ratchet
lallalalalalsklsddslafnauiegjkhr rememberize
by your.so.extra June 12, 2012
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fart plus shit equals shart.

if you still don't know what it means you're ratchet
farting/shitting at the same time. if this happens to you, you just sharted
by your.so.extra June 12, 2012
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rhubarb come from a rhubarb type of plant. (very gross) rhubarb sounds like the word constipation so I don't know how it would taste especially in a pie.
yum pie! wait there are rhubarbs in it? gross.

rhubarb pie sounds very gross
by your.so.extra June 12, 2012
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