its when you shit a little in your pants while farting

its also when you dirarea in your pants before you can make it to the tolit
booby:hi joe i shart in my pants every night while watching gay porn
joe:gross thats sick well i sharted 2 hours ago but still its groose
by fuck bag dick sucker September 20, 2009
A fart that has an unexpected follow through. This follow through exerts a large smell upon a groups surroundings, and usually causes one of the group member to vom.
bloke 1: dude... i think i just sharted..
bloke 2: what the hells that
bloke 3: its a fart, and a little bit of shit comes out.
by Dr excrement November 23, 2009
When you fart and shit comes out you would call it shart.
OH MY GOSH! i just sharted in my pants!
by shartlovers November 13, 2009
A little shart is someone who has membership at Ivy Pool but doesn't want to take The Oysbay.
Little Shart is dogging The Oysbay by wanting to leave at 8:30pm.
by The Oysbay November 29, 2009
shit fart
aw, i sharted, i better go wipe....
by sadamus January 19, 2010
dude its a word it came from the background of our little heads
o man that schmagler just his brothers mouth!!!!!! EWWWWW sick fuck!!!!
by amber and krista July 29, 2004
The act of farting that will cause you to shit a wee bit of that massive terd you felt slithering through your intestines for days. When you shart there is no going back. You will forever be changed by the sheer amount of "oh fuck!" going through your mind.
You: Dude those .89$ burritos were fucking delicious. Thats gonna be a epic shit.

Your fat greasy friend: *gurgle* hahah

*3 days later*

You: Dude I gotta fart

Your ass: *gurgle*

Your soul dies because of the shart.
by Theshartman April 08, 2010
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