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the shocked look on one's face as they realize they have not farted as they expected, but indeed sharted instead. shart face most commonly occurs during public sharts.
Dude I was talking to Sarah and I was really nervous and had to fart. But then I sharted and I had the worst shart face. Fuck.
by Bartholomew Cubbins February 09, 2011
n. shart-fays

Inf: Shartface
F: Shartface Hookermouth*

A term of endearment used by someone upon learning their friend has not only sharted their pants, but proudly owned up to it as well.

*Only to be used in special occasions
Bill: "Dude, you sharted?"
Monica: "Yeah"
Bill: "And you admitted it?"
Monica: "Yeah"
Bill: "We are going to be great friends, Shartface."
by ShartfaceHookermouth1 November 04, 2010
The recipient of a wet,runny facial shart. Usually someone who enjoys having a sex partner fart on their face and ends up the unexpected recipient of a shart. Can also be done as a prank simialr to tea bag or as revenge see:cleavland steamer similar in substance to santorum
See also: Dirty Rainbow
My Fuckbuddy asked me to fart on his face durring sex. So the next time we hooked up I hovered over his face and pushed out a fart, but I sharted instead!

My friend passed out on the couch after jacking off. So I sharted on his face.
by ChazzGR August 05, 2005
The state of one’s face after poop particles are transferred from a shartphone to the ear and cheek. SHARTFACE!
Using anyone's shartphone without wiping it down first. SHARTFACE!
by 3dPulp May 25, 2012
Somebody who is mean (worse than buttchicken)
Your a shartface
by Rainbow loom April 16, 2014
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