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A state of mind-bowel agreement where the the mind of the individual realizes it cannot allow a fart to occur because there is a real danger of sharting one's self.
After calculating the odd's of sharting due to the unstable state of his anus, Manny and his mind called a "shartruce" with his bowels until he could reach a comode.
by 3dPulP May 29, 2012
Drunker than everyone else.
Drinking a large amount for more than a few consecutive days, then drinking some more.
The state of being drunk the day after a night of drinking.
Passing out at work or a public function due to heavy drinking the night before.
Drinking enough at a bar that the waitress starts to bring you water everytime you order a drink.
I drank a bottle and half of whiskey last night, looks like I am going to pull a Kentucky Joe and try it again tonight!

Look at Kentucky Joe doing the head bob, man he was wasted last night.......again.

Kentucky Joe is only getting water now! That waitress isn't going to put up with his drunk ass again.
by 3dPulp March 04, 2010
The state of one’s face after poop particles are transferred from a shartphone to the ear and cheek. SHARTFACE!
Using anyone's shartphone without wiping it down first. SHARTFACE!
by 3dPulp May 25, 2012
What a smartphone turns into as soon as it is taken into the shitter; due to the “exit deuce process” – (see “exit deuce process”)
Friend to Randy: “Randy, I got Bob on the phone here and he wants to talk to you” - hands phone to Randy

Randy: “What up Bob?”
Bob to Randy: “Did you wipe the phone before you pressed it to your face?”
Randy: “Oops, shartphone!”
Bob: “Oh man, you know Randy takes about six craps a day, you have shartface now!” (see “shartface”)
by 3dPulP May 25, 2012
An odor created from an especially foul anal gas that seems to spread and linger everywhere once released. Typically causes causes others to flee in disgust, usually finding no refuge from the powerful entity.
Ralph dropped an omnipungent ass nuke yeterday that caused a 20 minute evacuation of the cubical farm. Even when we came back you could still taste the leftovers of his atomized feces.
by 3dPulP March 05, 2010
A cramp in the sphincter ranging from a light pucker to a full on chute constriction.

A feared person who causes your sphincter to pucker.

A tight wad.
All that diarhhea made my anus cramp, man what a bad proctospazm.

Every time I see that proctospazm it makes me nervous.

That dude didn't pay his share, what a proctospazm.
by 3dPulP March 02, 2010
Fingers that graze shit when one wipes his or her ass.
Wipe, wipe, graze, graze.....doody fingers.
by 3dPulp May 25, 2012

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