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2 definitions by ChazzGR

What happens when you try to release some gas from your ass but it ends up being oil. (sharting, sharted, shartfull)
I lifted my cheek to let off some gas but instead I sharted in my drawers.
by ChazzGR August 05, 2005
The recipient of a wet,runny facial shart. Usually someone who enjoys having a sex partner fart on their face and ends up the unexpected recipient of a shart. Can also be done as a prank simialr to tea bag or as revenge see:cleavland steamer similar in substance to santorum
See also: Dirty Rainbow
My Fuckbuddy asked me to fart on his face durring sex. So the next time we hooked up I hovered over his face and pushed out a fart, but I sharted instead!

My friend passed out on the couch after jacking off. So I sharted on his face.
by ChazzGR August 05, 2005