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Noun. The word derives from the winkled oriental dog of the same name and refers to a penis with excess foreskin to the extent that, when erect, the entire penis is still covered with skin to spare, i.e. the skin is still wrinkled like the dog hence the name. This type of penis is said to provide less stimulation during intercourse, and therfore can be used as an offense.
Apparently Fagan has got loads of forekin, Annie says he is a proper shar-pei!
by Nanky April 16, 2007
VERB/NOUN. Originates from the 'cult' television programme 'Deal or No Deal' in the UK. Contestants play a game show and get offered a certain amount of money depending on their progression on which they deal, i.e. take the money, or no deal, i.e. continue playing in the hope of winning more.
This concept has been translated into a sexual scenario where dealing on someone means you wish to sleep with them
Person 1: Mate, what do you think of that bird over there, Deal or No Deal?
Person 2: She's a definite deal, i'd love to tap that shit!
by Nanky September 11, 2007
ADJ. This is the adjective from the word shar-pei and refers to penises that have too much foreskin. Although primarily a description of a slightly odd penis, the adjective has also come to be used for someone or something stupid.
Person 1 'I think it would be quite fun swimming downstairs... oops i mean downhill, but wouldn't it be hard swimming back up again?'
Person 2 'You are so sharp!'
by Nanky April 16, 2007

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