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To have no expression. To stare into space. To have absolutely no thoughts. Basically, to not give a shit. If someone asks you a question, you'll simply nod your head and pretend you understood, even if it wasn't a yes or no question.
Bitch: ew 0mg lyke look at that dude
Bitch's friend: w0w whut tha fuq?
Not a bitch: shut up bitches, he's just shariing.

Person at party: Yo where's your bathroom at?
Host of party: *nods head*
Person at party: Dude, stop shariing, I really have to take a shit

Stoner: Pass the blunt bro
Person shariing: *looks into space hitting blunt*
Stoner: I feel you dude
by teegeee January 15, 2011
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