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Shared masturbation, but not the same as mutual masturbation as you only masturbate yourself.

"Sharies is when you and a friend each take care of yourself but not each other. Usually you do it when you're sitting together and holding hands. Group sharies is when you do it with a group while you're sitting in a circle. But you can't do sharies if you're holding hands with two people! lol"
I love doing sharies with my best bud Lorien. She totally squeezes my hand when she cums! Sweet!
by Miley Spears January 19, 2009
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Shary is a someone who can care for others and puts them in first before her when it comes to making someone happy, but she can be know for being vexing as well but when you get to know her then you'll know what i mean and watch out shes quite the taunter so be prepared to meet someone as great as Shary but just don't get on her bad side or things will get ape-shit.
Hey look its Shary, love you boo.
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by Texi-pepsi February 15, 2017
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