to sneak up on someone and pull there pants down.
"shit! that guy tried to shank me but i had a belt on"
"hahaa, people always sneak up and shank me, i hate it"
by Ryan Cusak February 23, 2009
verb. typically thought of as a way to hurt someone in prison with a handmade knife. However, it has a 2nd meaning. Shank can also mean to draw a penis. The drawing can be as elaborate or as simple as one would like it to be. But the idea is that the penis drawing is a surprise, unbeknownst to the receiver.
" damn, my notebook got shanked..."


"I just shanked your shit"
by PITT KNOWS SHIT November 14, 2011
discrete and rapid thrusts with a sharp object, usually with something homemade or makeshift and usually directed toward to lower torso.

not to be confused with stab.
Rafael shanked his target in the gut with a ballpoint pen as he walked past him on the sidewalk.
by Action Steve July 29, 2006
The art of taking a shit whilst having a wank. Great way to save time. Also heightening the pleasure factor, as a big firm dump squeezes past the male g-spot.
I had a monster shit last night. Time was not on my side, so I decided to double up and had myself an awesome shank.


My flatmate left the bathroom door unlocked last night, I accidentally walked in on him Shanking!
by Bandicles January 11, 2014
From Shit + Wank, to masturbate whilst taking a shit.
I want a wank but I really need to take a shit and there isn't time for both! I know, I'll have a Shank!
by Mvfekker January 01, 2014
The most dangerous form of shiv involves the prisoner using matches or a lighter (both felony level contraband) to burn a toothbrush into the shape of a spike. The spike is most commonly stabbed into the eye or genitals of the intended target.
He put his eye out with his toothbrush shank
by dmc375 November 15, 2011
The act of shiting and wanking at the same time
I was in a horny hurry this morning had to shank
by Shell2784 May 20, 2011
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