To stab or slice someone
I got shanked the other day and have a scar
by Lil Q June 13, 2008
1.a)Shank, the act of taking a dump while masturbating at the same time, it's harder than you may think.
b) Shit Wank
2. Shanked
3. Shanking
1.a) I like to shank on Sundays
b) Dude I so totally need to shit wank right now
2. I shanked while watching sex and the city.
3. Fuck man! Don't come in here I'm shanking.
by James Stinkwell May 14, 2008
A combination of the the two words Shit and Wank.

A negative word to describe something as poor or not to ones best taste.
God that movie was absolutly Shank, it totally sucked.
by Kieran Crowe December 15, 2007
Shank- a knife/crude knife/ the act of stabbing somebody
"I'ma gwan shank dat bitch..."
"peep ma new shank, kenny made it..."

Shanked- One who has been stabbed
"Yo, Damon got shanked up sick last night..."

Shanker- one who shanks

Shankster lol - one who is renowned for stabbin people

-Awwww shit, Shadow jus shanked dat breh in da back.
-Yo, we all kno he da shankster
by da militant rasta August 17, 2006
To stab, steal, street slang like the word Debo.
Dat nigga got shanked.
by Debo Mofo November 15, 2005
1)a knife
2)to cut or stab a person with a knife
3)to harmfully hit a person; to badly hit a ball, esp. in baseball or volleyball
4)to spank
Guy#1:You is a fool
Guy#2:Bitch, shut the fuck up before I shank yo ugly ass
by chya1254 November 10, 2005
V. The act of discreetly, and intentionally stabbing someone in the lower back or abdomen with a small knife.
"damn, that nigga got shanked"

"Imma shank that mafucka and take his mafuckin wallet"
by barberino June 12, 2005

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