to pull someones pants down without out them knowing ur gona do it prior to the act
u wear sweatpants u better tie em cuz i'll shank ur ass!
by *april December 30, 2004
To shit and wank at the same time.

Similar to cranking (crying and wanking).
"Man, I've been with my family all day, I'm off for a shank"
"Dude, I had an awesome shank last night, managed to syncronise beautifully"
by Jizzy P. April 22, 2010
To wank while shitting, honestly.
guy1: Oh man, that shit was taking forever so i deceided to shank.

guy2: Thank you for that mental picture....
by shank-head July 29, 2009
To stab someone, then repeatedly have sex with the hole you have created.
Person: Did you hear? Tom shanked Ling-tong the other night
Other person: Oh my god really? is she okay?
Person: Yeah but shes in hospital for stab wounds
by Cemmmmmmmmmm November 24, 2008
A more polite way of describing a mans "penis"
I'm missing Shah's Shank.. Means I'm missing Shah's penis etc.
by persianheart September 22, 2008
a combination of masturbating while taking a shit
Shiting and Wanking
I just caught Fred shanking to a cosmo mag

ooh dam i just put some cream on the chocolate pie
by Shoe Boot August 24, 2008
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