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A combination of the the two words Shit and Wank.

A negative word to describe something as poor or not to ones best taste.
God that movie was absolutly Shank, it totally sucked.
by Kieran Crowe December 15, 2007
1 2
An untidy person, untidy car, untidy house. etc. Wearing untidy clothes multiple day's in a row.
Look at that shank ass!!
by Stralfazz March 04, 2007
0 1
The act of pulling down one's pants from behind, usually while said person is sagging their pants.
That nigga was saggin they pants so I SHANKED his ass in front of da whole school!
by T-Dav November 20, 2006
193 194
Shank- a knife/crude knife/ the act of stabbing somebody
"I'ma gwan shank dat bitch..."
"peep ma new shank, kenny made it..."

Shanked- One who has been stabbed
"Yo, Damon got shanked up sick last night..."

Shanker- one who shanks

Shankster lol - one who is renowned for stabbin people

-Awwww shit, Shadow jus shanked dat breh in da back.
-Yo, we all kno he da shankster
by da militant rasta August 17, 2006
11 12
A homemade weapon usually made out of old crap lying around like broken glass or metal. A shank usually is only for stabbing and has no cutting edge (like a dart, but a lot bigger and more dangerous).
As a verb shank means to stab somebody to death with a shank, with quick short motions to the area just below the ribs.
-In both of these senses shiv means the same thing.

"Shank" can also be used in golf to describe a terrible slice or duff resultant from the club head not centered on the ball during the swing. Also a verb.

I've also heard from a guy in NC that they use "shank" to mean pantsing where he lives. Hardly anybody else I've asked says this is true, though. Must be a southern thing as far as I know. Usually they yell "shank" as they pull down the pants.
-I crafted a shank and shanked this guy in prison.

-Ahh! I shanked that drive!

-"SHANK!" he yelled as he pantsed Robert.
by dhonker June 02, 2006
11 12
V. The act of discreetly, and intentionally stabbing someone in the lower back or abdomen with a small knife.
"damn, that nigga got shanked"

"Imma shank that mafucka and take his mafuckin wallet"
by barberino June 12, 2005
5 6
1) (noun) An object that, while not necessarily originally intended as a weapon (and otherwise bears no resemblance), is used as one. A steak knife, for instance, would not be a shank (and is, as well, a poor ad hoc choice for a weapon), but a screwdriver, heavy duty flashlight, or socket wrench would be.

Origin unknown, but I think it has something to do with home made knives. See also shiv.

2) (verb) To use a shank. (Shanked, past tense)
Jorge was shanked with a screwdriver by Miguel when he failed to pass on his protection money.
by ke6isf May 20, 2005
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