To walk up behind someone and pull their pants down by surprise, usually exposing their underwear or genitalia.
Guy 1- "yo man, did you hear what happened to Grace?"
Guy 2- "nah, what?
Guy 1- "Cara shanked her! Now everybody knows she wears red underwear!"
by Al-Tazey December 06, 2010
To both masturbate and defecate simultaneously, usually on a lavatory or into a porcelain container.

Many begin to defecate before masturbating, so as to start an uninterrupted fecal flow. Also, it is not a requirement to ejaculate and finish defecating at the same time, but dedicated "shankers" will attempt the 'Snow on the Mountain' technique (wherein the discharge lands on the fecal matter.)

It is not necessary to be nude, but serial "shankers" will usually derobe before attempting a long shank.
Guy 1: "Jeez, you were ages man. What took you so long? Big shit?"

Guy 2: "Nah man, had a good shank."


Guy 1: "Well, thats me kicked out"

Guy 2: "What did you do?"

Guy 1: "My girlfriend woke up and found me shanking next to her last night."
by Joshmilburnt January 07, 2010
1.a)Shank, the act of taking a dump while masturbating at the same time, it's harder than you may think.
b) Shit Wank
2. Shanked
3. Shanking
1.a) I like to shank on Sundays
b) Dude I so totally need to shit wank right now
2. I shanked while watching sex and the city.
3. Fuck man! Don't come in here I'm shanking.
by James Stinkwell May 14, 2008
A combination of the the two words Shit and Wank.

A negative word to describe something as poor or not to ones best taste.
God that movie was absolutly Shank, it totally sucked.
by Kieran Crowe December 15, 2007
Shank- a knife/crude knife/ the act of stabbing somebody
"I'ma gwan shank dat bitch..."
"peep ma new shank, kenny made it..."

Shanked- One who has been stabbed
"Yo, Damon got shanked up sick last night..."

Shanker- one who shanks

Shankster lol - one who is renowned for stabbin people

-Awwww shit, Shadow jus shanked dat breh in da back.
-Yo, we all kno he da shankster
by da militant rasta August 17, 2006
A homemade weapon usually made out of old crap lying around like broken glass or metal. A shank usually is only for stabbing and has no cutting edge (like a dart, but a lot bigger and more dangerous).
As a verb shank means to stab somebody to death with a shank, with quick short motions to the area just below the ribs.
-In both of these senses shiv means the same thing.

"Shank" can also be used in golf to describe a terrible slice or duff resultant from the club head not centered on the ball during the swing. Also a verb.

I've also heard from a guy in NC that they use "shank" to mean pantsing where he lives. Hardly anybody else I've asked says this is true, though. Must be a southern thing as far as I know. Usually they yell "shank" as they pull down the pants.
-I crafted a shank and shanked this guy in prison.

-Ahh! I shanked that drive!

-"SHANK!" he yelled as he pantsed Robert.
by dhonker June 02, 2006
To stab, steal, street slang like the word Debo.
Dat nigga got shanked.
by Debo Mofo November 15, 2005
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