verb. typically thought of as a way to hurt someone in prison with a handmade knife. However, it has a 2nd meaning. Shank can also mean to draw a penis. The drawing can be as elaborate or as simple as one would like it to be. But the idea is that the penis drawing is a surprise, unbeknownst to the receiver.
" damn, my notebook got shanked..."


"I just shanked your shit"
by PITT KNOWS SHIT November 14, 2011

North Carolina slang for pretending to pull someone's pants down as a joke
Me: "shank!"
My friend: "oh, I thought you were going to pull my pants down, that was funny."
by bigDandtheBoys May 14, 2011
To both masturbate and defecate simultaneously, usually on a lavatory or into a porcelain container.

Many begin to defecate before masturbating, so as to start an uninterrupted fecal flow. Also, it is not a requirement to ejaculate and finish defecating at the same time, but dedicated "shankers" will attempt the 'Snow on the Mountain' technique (wherein the discharge lands on the fecal matter.)

It is not necessary to be nude, but serial "shankers" will usually derobe before attempting a long shank.
Guy 1: "Jeez, you were ages man. What took you so long? Big shit?"

Guy 2: "Nah man, had a good shank."


Guy 1: "Well, thats me kicked out"

Guy 2: "What did you do?"

Guy 1: "My girlfriend woke up and found me shanking next to her last night."
by Joshmilburnt January 07, 2010
Abbreviation of Shuttup and Thanks.
Commonly used when you want someone to cut their story short, yet in a polite way.
Beccy: Omfg, Carl tried to unzip my pants last night and then he told me..
Tracy: Uh shanks. *walks off*
by no, who are you. December 20, 2009
To stab someone, then repeatedly have sex with the hole you have created.
Person: Did you hear? Tom shanked Ling-tong the other night
Other person: Oh my god really? is she okay?
Person: Yeah but shes in hospital for stab wounds
by Cemmmmmmmmmm November 24, 2008
to have a wank whilst having a shit
ben are u having a shank? cos i can hear u slapping and it smells like shit.
by schmena July 10, 2008
To stab or slice someone
I got shanked the other day and have a scar
by Lil Q June 13, 2008

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