often defined as stabbing, but the other less recognized definition is to make a bad pass while playing volleyball.
"shank" passes usually result from a hard serve or hit, they cant be controlled, therefore they bounce off the players arms and fly out of bounds, not to be retrieved.
"She had the hardest serve ever! I totally shanked the ball and we lost."
by shayyyy August 17, 2008
The act of stabbing a person or persons with shiv.
I shanked you.
Bob shanked the inmate in the prison.
by cmacbend August 06, 2014
shank means one of many different things

1. A small short almost dagger like knife but a little longer

2.To pull someone's pants down or too "pants"

3.To mug someone and steal something from them
1. Dude i'm going camping this weekend. Can you help me find my shank i use it to stab bears with.

2.He was SO drunk at the party that i shanked him and he didn't realize we could all see his ducky boxers.

3.Don't go to the city! Do you know how many people get shanked up there? That's like 300 wallets a day.
by namixas11 June 04, 2010
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