it originates from innercity london, a term for a deadly weapon used to cause great damage or death.
"I will shank that boy"
by Ayodele Banjo March 01, 2005
The act of masturbating (wanking) while having a shit.
'Hew mate i had a mint shank last night, self high five!'
by The Phantom Shanker December 08, 2011
a cool way of saying thanks.
person: hey, nice pet unicorn!
otherperson: shanks!
by sandapanda May 29, 2011
often defined as stabbing, but the other less recognized definition is to make a bad pass while playing volleyball.
"shank" passes usually result from a hard serve or hit, they cant be controlled, therefore they bounce off the players arms and fly out of bounds, not to be retrieved.
"She had the hardest serve ever! I totally shanked the ball and we lost."
by shayyyy August 17, 2008
to poke or stab something
I'll shank you if I have to!
by Anonymous600 December 07, 2014
to sneak up on someone and pull there pants down.
"shit! that guy tried to shank me but i had a belt on"
"hahaa, people always sneak up and shank me, i hate it"
by Ryan Cusak February 23, 2009
discrete and rapid thrusts with a sharp object, usually with something homemade or makeshift and usually directed toward to lower torso.

not to be confused with stab.
Rafael shanked his target in the gut with a ballpoint pen as he walked past him on the sidewalk.
by Action Steve July 29, 2006

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