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A town in MN that sucks at all sports compaired to Prior Lake
"Shakopee sucks so bad at everything they do."
by jbdslhbdjlbhd February 17, 2008
Shakopee = Tool Nation

If you live in Shakopee you most likely are wearing a sleeveless shirt even if you are a girl. There are a ton of douchebags and nobody likes them. They suck at sports but their refs help them in any way so they can win.

You will regret going there ever.

If you don't lift you're automatically a loser

Like I said Shakopee = Tool Nation
Me: Oh my god I just got killed by Shakopee

Friend: Don't worry they pay their refs
by Minnesota Boy May 14, 2013
A really cool town in Scott County, Minnesota, that has everything you could possibly want in a town in Minnesota. It has shopping centers, but also has many farms and a small town feel. Many of the houses in downtown Shakopee were originally farmhouses, and some of the buildings are over 100 years old! There is a ton of history packed into this small town, and once you visit, you'll never want to leave!
Girl #1: What should we do today?

Girl #2: How about we go shopping!

Girl #3: No, let's go to a small town where everyone is friendly,

Girl #1: We can go to Shakopee! It has all that and more!
by shakopeegurl4ever November 10, 2011
A town in Minnesota that has the most school spirt ever! They are amazing in Basketball! When you come to shakopee you will never want to leave. By the way... Prior Lake has REALLLLLY bad sportsman ship!
"You went to shakopee? Ah man im Jealous! Bring me next time!"
by KKNZRA July 24, 2008
a hott hott skanky town where co and hef both give dome in the dark room
oh dude, you're going to shakopee tonight... make sure to hit up co and hef!! man i'm jealous
by cha che January 01, 2008
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