Another name for a blow job or hummer.

Gets it's name from the tasty treat of your man's cum.
Guy: "Hey baby.. you want a shake?"
Girl: "Sure! Feeling a little weak, I could use some protein."

(girl proceeds to go down on guy)
by shake.lover June 09, 2009
something you can't believe; unbelievable!
Makes you say "WTF?"; something you're against
Mrs. Poland: Daneesha, you can be the last to leave....

Daneesha: Thass a shake!
by Twilight_Lover May 07, 2009
Also a term used to refer to straggling girls walking out of a bar at closing time.
Well, we didn't find any trim tonight so we had to go trolling for shake out side the college bar at 3 a.m.
by Doombot October 20, 2003
Compositing software. The bane of my existence.
Guy #1: Dude, I was rotoshaping in shake for 8 hours last night.
Guy #2: Wow, you've got no life.
by 1337 h4x0rific January 18, 2007
A Master manipulator, a con artist.
'That guy's a real Shake.'

'Dude, you just got Shakespeared.'
by Sjaak Schoonlingen March 24, 2004
To bribe cops, feds, etc.
..he got arrested, they forgot to shake the cops..
by kevin ortiz July 21, 2006
A party, usually a good one because it's the term my friends use and they usually make parties dope as fuck.
Man, you know of any shakes goin on right now?
by cmere ya goofy bitch October 21, 2006

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