Top Definition
hurry up
A:All the furniture in the store is on sale today?
B: Yeah. The whole place is packed. You'd better shake a leg before it's all gone.
by Hotcha711 September 07, 2010
to dance, boogie down, not holding up the walls.
Let's go down to the club on 5th and shake a leg.
by MashaC October 13, 2005
shake a leg to clear extra space in your stomach
I'm full.............well, shake a leg, give it a moment, and continue.
by ryan golls June 13, 2011
as girl from the projects needs to really queef she screams "Shake a leg" at all the girls in warning to stay away from her or else.
Shake a leg ::queef::
by wisehuff December 06, 2009
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