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Shadowgamers is a teen who thinks he can draw, write, and play games at the same time, and fails miserably. Often found being banned from dAmn over at
DAMMIT, let me in you asshats!!
by Shadowgamers March 19, 2005
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A guy who's been banned from mostly all of the chatroom he visits over at DeviantART. A frequent spammer and flooder and all round dick. Also been banned for offensive avatars and some other policy violations. Is constantly either in the Forums or the Chatroom and has somewhat of a fanbase in both.

It is also recently discovered he has a Mech Fetish and has made a Mech-Fetish group at dA and a member of some more over at Yahoo groups.
Oh god, its shadowgamers again. Ban that fucker before he starts doing something.
by 4CHANSTALKER March 18, 2006
One who is enthusiastic about video games and knows a lot about video games through the watching of others play, but does not actually play themselves.
"I love Zelda, it's my absolute favorite! …. Well, actually, I don't play, I'm more of a shadow gamer-- I always watch my older brother play it. The Zora are my favorite, but the Goron are pretty cool too...."
by Feather Child December 26, 2011

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