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3 definitions by Shadowgamers

Shadowgamers is a teen who thinks he can draw, write, and play games at the same time, and fails miserably. Often found being banned from dAmn over at Deviantart.com
DAMMIT, let me in you asshats!!
by Shadowgamers March 19, 2005
33 8
Orchestrock is (to put it simply) a combination of Rock instruments (heavy guitar, drums ect ect) played with a live orchestra.

The occurance of this type of music has been rising as of late, and a first example that would come to mind would (at least) be Nobou Uematsu's "Black Winged Angel" with his own band "The Black Mages" for the CGI movie "FFVII- Advent Children".
Hey man, this Orchestrock is amazing!
What the fuck are you?, insane???, Slayer is obviously better :|
by Shadowgamers May 10, 2006
9 1
Mechame is an abbriviation for "Mecha Anime", used in the context that the said Anime has heavy Mecha/Cyborg influences or that the foundation of the said anime's plot is heavily based on mecha/cyborg related characters.
Hey, did you watch Zone of The Enders Dolores?
Yeah, it was a great Mechame, I would definatly watch it again
by Shadowgamers May 07, 2006
6 3